Lint could be more problematic than you realize!

Lint Fire Dryer

Did you know that lint can be more than just something that collects in your pockets? It is dangerous when it collects in your clothes dryer, as well. A build-up of lint in your dryer poses a bad fire hazard if not removed frequently. Aside from making sure you carefully wipe out your lint filter, you should also frequently revise and renew your CA home insurance to cover you “just in case”.

Lint fires make up a big proportion of America’s needless house fires and precautions should be taken when leaving dryers unattended. Scrub out the lint filter regularly and get rid of any build up in the compost (if possible). Don’t rinse it down the sink! You’ll only have to contact the plumber when it begins to clog up your drains!

You should wipe out your lint filter each time you utilize your clothes dryer – it is probably not full, but if you get into the practice of doing so, your risk of a lint fire will be a lot lower. Furthermore, it may be possible to vacuum your lint filter or the inside seal of your dryer – if that’s the case do that once every few months to get rid of the little particles which build up over time.

Remember, good home maintenance includes looking after machinery at your home, along with keeping your CA home insurance valid. Your home is likely the largest asset you own – do not let something as simple as lint wreck it for you!

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